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BBQ Catering, Perth

Take the perfect climate for hosting a barbecue… Add award-winning barbecue and share plate catering services… and you’ve got yourself the perfect function!

In Australia, the barbecue is obviously an institution for informal dining; allowing guests to eat freshly cooked meat in a casual environment that encourages mingling and socialising. Particularly in Perth, where the warm weather, sunshine, and culture of outdoor living encourages the barbecue lifestyle of enjoying fresh hot food and a nice cold drink with friends and family to celebrate any occasion, or none…

Perfect Functions
Made Easy

At Prestige Catering & Event Hire, we’ve been making this great Australian tradition easier than ever before for the people of Perth for the past 15 years. Our award-winning BBQ catering services palm off the administrative part of hosting a barbeque to us, and leave you to enjoy the fun parts… eating, drinking and socialising.

Planning your BBQ event with Prestige Catering couldn’t be easier. You can view our Barbecue and Share Plate Menus full of fresh local produce online, and cater your order to suit the specifics of your event. Our experienced caterers are available to provide advice on combinations, styles and quantities based of our 20 years experience in the catering industry.

Once you’re orders finalised, you can sit back and wait for our reliable and catering team to bring the goods. Our expert Chef will cook your barbecue before your eyes, ensuring everything comes off the grill perfectly cooked, whilst providing some interactive barbecue theatre to get everyone excited, and our experienced servers make sure everyone has a cold drink while they wait, and a full plate come meal time.

In addition to delivering an array of perfectly cooked succulent meats, Prestige Catering also offer a range of crisp gourmet salads that provide the perfect accompaniment of zesty flavours to your barbecue.

So before you plan your next casual celebration, whether that be a backyard birthday, school fete, or work break-up… browse our range online, or give us a call and let us help you make it a memorable one!

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