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As with most of your wedding’s special elements, your wedding menu should be a representation of the bond you share with your partner.

When planning a menu, make sure you think about the type of food you normally like to share together, any dietary requirements you or your guests might have, and the style of the event you want to throw.

What a lot of engaged couples don’t realise, is that your wedding catering can be an extension of your wedding’s theme. For instance, if you’re throwing a Parisian-style event, a high tea menu or a dessert menu that’s made up of petite fours and buttery pastries could be perfect, while if you’re throwing more of an exotic event you might want to opt for richer, spicier foods.

Designing Your Wedding Menu with Prestige Catering

When you work with Prestige Catering to design your dream wedding menu, you’ll be able to customise the cuisine you serve your guests on your special day, with every consideration made for any religious/spiritual beliefs, dietary requirements and taste buds.

View some of our menus here, and talk to us about how you can customise your menu, today!

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