Gluten-free food ideas-

Gluten-free wedding catering has been on the rise for some time now, with more and more couples opting for extensive gluten-free options on their menus for your big day!


It is often the case that those with food allergies or even fervent food preferences are disregarded or sometimes even completely overlooked when it comes to wedding catering.


…But not any more!


With so many couples now opting to make sure everyone with allergies are catered for at a wedding, we think it’s important to show you some of the most popular themes and as well, showcase some of the most inventive and tasty ways that you can cater to guests at your wedding, all the while being gluten-free!


With so many naturally gluten-free foods available our chefs can design a beautiful gluten-free menu for you regardless of whether you are thinking of a plate service menu, a buffet, share plates, finger foods or even food stalls.


There is no need to present just one option when we can provide a full gluten-free menu for you. Think fresh seafood, roast meats with gluten free sauces, seasonal fruits and vegetables, grills, paellas and of course beautiful gluten-free desserts, cakes and slices.



Opt for a stylish grazing station-

An abundantly set grazing station can easily take the place of traditional canapes. A big and beautiful selection of charcuterie, premium cheeses, well cut and styled fruit and veggies with a range of gluten free dips, and amazing gluten-free breads and crackers can keep your guest’s snack-cravings at bay until the entrees and mains come, or even serve as interesting dessert platters!


Fresh Seafood

Fresh seafood is perfectly suited to our climate and style of dining, but did you realise it is also naturally gluten-free? Freshly shucked oysters, Shak Bay prawns, Cone Bay barramundi, Tasmanian salmon and local squid, what better way to start your wedding reception than with a beautifully styled fresh seafood bar.


Inventive no-bread options-

While we have some superb, artisanal, gluten-free breads, not having bread doesn’t mean the end of the world either, you can still be very creative with the kinds of offerings that you provide to your guests-

Some great, fun and very photogenic options include, charcuterie boards, rice dishes and deconstructed no-bun burgers or delicious skewers that will have mouth-watering effects on your wedding guests.


Gluten-free wedding cakes-

Now to the really important stuff…


The cake is the centrepiece of your wedding- it always has been. And the feedback that we get constantly is that above look and style, what wedding couples (and their guests too) want most in a wedding cake is something that reflects their tastes and as well, something that tastes good!


There are so many talented gluten-free bakers around offering incredibly delicious options that look great to boot! Make sure you do your due diligence when researching who to use for your gluten-free wedding cake.


Another gluten-free option is the popular gluten-free Cheese Wheel Wedding Cake, a tower of stylishly presented cheese wheels adorned with fresh flowers and accompanied by fruits provides a great, savoury gluten-free option to the traditional wedding cake.


If we’ve learned one thing during our time in the wedding business is that no gluten doesn’t mean not delicious!



Gluten-free & vegetarian options-

Chances are that along with some guests requesting gluten-free options, you will have a healthy cohort of vegetarians at your wedding as well as people with other dietary requirements too!


And, though being a vegetarian isn’t a food allergy, it is a fervent choice and therefore there is a need to provide interesting options that don’t just include bland salads! This is good news for those planning their wedding, as vegetarian options are popular with non-vegetarians too and we have some great vegetarian opt.ions in all of our menus


So, if you’re thinking of making you’re entire wedding gluten-free, there are a number of things to consider. But, regardless of how different this approach may be to a traditional wedding, there is a myriad of ways in which you can make your gluten-free wedding catering fun, delicious and something for your guests to remember.


In case you have a few more questions about your gluten-free wedding catering options, give Prestige a call to discuss your specific requirements.

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For any other inquiries or speak to one of our team members about our wedding catering options, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Prestige Catering Perth, and get your wedding plans set-in-stone today!