The vegan movement has grown exponentially over the past few years, with vegan – and semi-vegan – weddings becoming more and more popular. However, as with most big celebrations, vegan weddings are not without their complications.

A lot of your meat-eating guests might be surprised to hear you don’t intend to serve animal products at your wedding – but don’t let that deter you! There are so many trendy and delicious ways to incorporate meat and dairy-free products into your menu that once they sample the food, they’ll be wondering why they ever questioned you in the first place!

Here, we share our top tips for planning and catering a vegan wedding.

Always Remember That it’s Your Wedding Day

While your guests’ comfort will be at the forefront of your mind when you’re planning your special day, most people will understand that it is your wedding and respect your decision to plan it around your lifestyle choices. Plus, your wedding is a fantastic opportunity for you to wow your family and friends with the wide variety of vegan fare that’s available.

However, it is common practice for couples to offer a mixture of ‘veganized’ menu items and food that is made traditionally using meat and other animal products, which ensures everyone’s dietary preferences are catered for.

You Can Go Animal-Free and Still Keep Your Guests Happy

When you work with an experienced caterer, like Prestige Catering, and don’t settle for boring plates of marinated vegetables, planning a vegan wedding menu will be just as satisfying for your guests as one filled with animal products.

There aren’t all that many wedding caterers around that offer pre-set vegan options, but if you can find one that’s willing to customise a menu specifically for your wants and needs, and is enthusiastic about the challenge, planning your wedding menu can be all the more rewarding. For instance, if you’re offering an alternating main course with a vegan dish and a meat dish, you’ll find that most of your guests will enjoy the vegan dish just as much as the meat one.

Choose Menu Options That are Familiar

The possibilities are endless when you’re planning vegan-friendly wedding menu options. Once upon a time, cooking vibrant food without animal products was difficult, and for many, un-interesting. However, now, you can easily ‘veganize’ a number of traditional dishes. Focus on ones that put a spotlight on seasonal, fresh produce. Some great foods that everyone knows and loves include dishes like bruschetta and stuffed mushrooms, both of which can easily be made vegan.

You’ll also be able to offer up a wedding cake or cupcake tower that your guest’s will love so much, they won’t even realise it’s vegan. There are so many milk, butter and egg alternatives available that ‘veganizing’ a cake is a simple, increasingly common practice. In fact, when it comes to desserts, you won’t be limited at all, and your guests will hardly know the difference. Whether you want a dessert bar, a doughnut wall, or a cake, your options are limitless.

What About the Favours?

Wedding favours – although not essential – are always a nice addition to a wedding, and are a great way to say thank you to your loved ones for sharing your special day with them. It’s also super easy to make your gifts vegan-friendly. Plants like succulents or small potted herbs are always popular options, much like chocolates or mini baked goods, both of which can also be made vegan-friendly.

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