At Prestige Catering, we believe that anyone and everyone has the right to be in love and to have that love recognised by their country.

Since our establishment in 2002, it has been our mission to support and cater for the union of any two people in love.

We have been long-time supporters of the LGBTQI community in providing for civil union and commitment ceremonies since our beginning. We couldn’t be happier to finally be able to provide for same-sex marriages too!

Make it a day to remember

The day you get married is one of the most important events in your life, and we pride ourselves on delivering truly special experiences every time.

Whether it is a laid-back country wedding, a town hall reception, a large marquee ceremony or a beautiful beach wedding, our wedding planners will be able to help you with every aspect of your special day, allowing you to sit and enjoy yourself worry-free.

Prestige offers nothing short of the best in service and produce, using quality ingredients and highly skilled chefs and wait-staff to ensure that your special day is as perfect as it can be.

We deliver delicious food and stunning presentation that all your guests will enjoy, and as well, will work closely with you to make sure all dietary and allergy requirements are adhered to with the highest standard of service.

We cater to your style

Our wide range of catering styles for you to choose from include;
• Plate service catering
• Finger food and Cocktail catering
• Spit roast and buffet
• Barbecue
• Share plate
• Food stalls
• High tea & much more!

Planning your wedding can be stressful and figuring out what food and drink to cater for can be a tricky process! We’re here to make sure you get quality without sacrifice so that you can spend the happiest day of your life, free and easy and with nothing to worry about.

We are committed to making sure that your wedding day is the most special day of your life.