If you’re in charge of organizing a celebration or any type of outdoor event, then you should consider our marquee hire services. Regardless of whether you need a standalone venue to welcome your guests or you require an overflow area that ensures sufficient room for the participants, the marquee is a suitable alternative for all events and social gatherings. Because they are available in all shapes and sizes, you will have to account for several elements to decide which type of marquee is appropriate in your case. Let’s explore the aspects you need to take into account before renting a marquee.

The marquee should suit your event

First and foremost, you have to make sure that your marquee has sufficient room to account for the activities that will take place inside it. For instance, if you’re planning a wedding or anniversary, you will want to have a dance floor and this means you’ll require a larger marquee for this purpose. To make sure everything goes perfect, try to gain a broad idea of the structure for your event before booking a marquee.

The marquee must accommodate the number of guests you have invited

After deciding on the activities you want for your event, you will have to make a guest list and determine the number of participants attending. While it may seem like a good idea to rent a large marquee, keep in mind that this is costly and can lead to a rather disappointing atmosphere. Therefore, before renting it, plan ahead and approximate the number of guests.

Be sure of the location where you will install the marquee

Upon establishing the number of guests who will be attending your event, you will have to find a suitable location to install the marquee. In case your backyard or the space you want to place it is not flat, ask the service you’re renting the marquee from to use specialized flooring.

Calculate how long you intend to use the marquee for

Even though the event might only last a few hours, don’t forget that the preparations and take down usually require longer than that. In case you’re planning a special event for which you need to add accessories to the venue, you will have to account for the time you need to make the necessary arrangements. Similarly, if you agreed to tidy up the marquee yourself or if you have to remove some equipment before taking it down, this will entail some extra time that you need to account for when booking the marquee.

Take into account the weather outside

Granted, modern marquees are designed to perform well and can be used in all sorts of weather conditions, including heavy winds and snow. Then again, if you want to make sure the event goes smoothly irrespective of what’s happening outside, you will have to select one that is suitable for the weather conditions. For example, when planning an event in winter, you should opt for a marquee whose doors and windows can be properly secured. In addition, you may want to rent a marquee that allows you to use heating appliances inside safely.