A career in hospitality can open up a world of opportunities and could involve working in a restaurant, with a catering or event management company, or even at a ski resort in Canada. There’s even room to move into a management position within the corporate hospitality industry. When you’re working in hospitality – there really are opportunities aplenty!

There’s no denying that hospitality is a dynamic and fun industry to work in, but the question is, is it for you?

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Are You Suited to a Career in Hospitality?

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in hospitality, it might be worth asking yourself the following questions:

Can I Handle the Fast Pace?

Whether you’re working front of house, or cooking up a storm out the back, you will be on your feet for long periods, during which you’ll be expected to smash out enough food to serve a booked out restaurant or a large-scale event.

Even if you’re working on the event management side of things, you’ll still be expected to move through event set-ups and pack-downs at light speed, and will have to be quick on you feet for the duration of the event.

What Type of Working Environment Suits Me?

If you’re the type who enjoys sitting in front a computer all day, you might not be suited to the varied work environments that are the norm in the hospitality industry.

If you’re working for a catering company, you could be somewhere different every night, and if you work for a hotel, you’ll spend your time running around almost every floor.

 Am I Okay With Working Nights and Weekends?

In hospitality, there’s no such thing as 9-5. While some areas of the industry will get steady, reliable hours, more often than not hospitality workers are casual employees who work late nights, weekends and even public holidays.

The plus side of this is that your hours can be flexible, and shaped to fit in with your lifestyle needs.

The Benefits of Working in Hospitality

You Meet New People

You’ll never be looking at the same handful of faces every day. You’ll be constantly interacting with guests and a range of colleagues, from your own teammates to the florist or the produce delivery guy.

It Opens a Door to the World

Hospitality goes hand-in-hand with travel and tourism. Not only can you travel and work around the world, you might also find yourself faced with the opportunity to work in the tourism industry.

There’s Plenty of Room for Career Progression

Unlike workers in corporate environments, you don’t have to spend a lifetime working round the clock before you get that promotion you’re after. Younger workers receive more opportunities for progression than most other industries, which could see you fast-tracking your career.

It’s Creative

Whether you’re crafting food dishes from scratch, setting up table arrangements, or planning an entire wedding, a career in hospitality will get your creative juices flowing.

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How to Get Started

There’s more than one way to start a career in the hospitality industry, so you won’t be restricted if you don’t have a fancy degree.

On the Job Training / Experience

Landing an entry-level hospitality job is fairly straightforward, especially if you’re happy to start out as a food server, or cashier. From here, you’ll be able to work your way up the ranks until one day – you’re running the place!


A lot of restaurants and companies will offer apprenticeships to employees who are breaking into the industry. This will allow you to gain valuable on the job experience, while also undertaking some theoretical studies.

Formal Education

From something as quick and easy to obtain as a Responsible Service of Alcohol, to certificates, and even diplomas, you can study anything from hospitality to business management to kick-start your hospitality career.