One of the latest trends to hit the wedding scene is food stall wedding catering. This is great for outdoor weddings, especially as the weather is starting to finally warm up, and it’s fantastic for couples that want their wedding reception to be a little less formal and much more sociable.

While traditional Perth wedding catering will always be popular and a favourite among brides, more and more modern brides are shifting towards creating a festival-like theme at their event, ditching the perfectly set tables and alternating mains for casual, lively food stalls.

What is Food Stall Wedding Catering?

Food stall wedding catering Perth is pretty much what it sounds like – it’s catering that’s designed to be split across a number of different food stalls, so your guests can pick and choose what they would like to eat.

One of the biggest benefits of this type of catering is that it encourages people to leave their seats and mingle, which goes a long way towards creating a more lively and sociable atmosphere. It also eliminates the chance of guests getting plated with a meal that they don’t like, as they’ll have more freedom to choose from the food available, much like you would with buffet wedding catering.

However, one benefit that food stall catering has over a buffet-style meal is that food will be distributed across multiple stands, so not everyone will be lining up to get to the same table at once.

Chef, Stewart preparing Paella

Although, one of the best parts about having your Perth wedding catering supplied on food stalls is that the bulk of the set-up will be handled for you! This means that Prestige Catering will supply and set-up the gazebos, the serving table and the white table linen, and will have a chef and wait staff working to create a welcoming, memorable environment for all of your guests. You can then customise your stalls to suit your theme.

How Will the Menu Work at a Food Stall Wedding?

Your wedding menu Perth will work much the same way with a food stall wedding as it would with any other catered event.

From the food stall wedding catering menu you’ll be able to select a number of options from each different section, including a mix of main courses, tapas-style food, and of course, the always popular dessert!

Some of the tantalising options you’ll have to choose from including Thai green chicken curry, seafood paella, vegetarian stir-fried noodles and Bratwurst sausages, as well as mini pulled pork tacos, Mediterranean lamb sliders, a selection of salads and mini éclairs, vanilla slices, strawberry tarts and much more!

There are plenty of menu options available, with special dietary requirements, such as vegetarianism and gluten-free diets being catered for.

If you’re interested in incorporating food stall wedding catering at your wedding, contact Prestige Catering today!